Happy 100!


Welcome to my 100th post! So exciting! It may not seem like much to some of you, but it feels like a big deal to me!! So, to celebrate, i'll be launching... Wait for it....


This year i'm planning to do a lot more seniors because i love the style of individual, young adult portraits. So, starting now and through the end of August, I will be offering...

2 shoots for the price of one. So seniors, grab a friend, and get your senior portraits taken for half price!! {Please note that if you take advantage of this promotion, the 2 sessions will be shot at the same time, in the same locations. Must be ready with 2 participants to validate 2 for 1 price.Thanks!}

More details involved so please contact me via email, phone or text message to get all information.

Book between now and August 31, 2011 to get the deal, but please note that scheduled shoot times will not be accepted before August 14, 2011.

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Ashley said...

How EXCITING!!! Congrats! That is awesome- you should celebrate!!!

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